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Local Getaways and Day Trips

June 6th, 2018

Local Getaways and Day Trips

Running out of things to do in the area? alone or even with the family? There are so many things to do around to keep you busy for the day or even a little cheeky weekend away!


Formed over 1 million years ago the Margaret river caves are a remarkable site right at our door step. When you enter the cave you will be amazed by huge labyrinths pathways all decorated with 1000 and 1000s of limestone crystal formations. There is 5 caves to choose from; the lake cave, jewel cave, ngilgi cave, mommoth cave and the giants cave. Tours range from cruising through at your own pace with a self guided tour, a guided tour with great commentary to what you are seeing, the extreme kind which involves the ‘off piste’ adventure which requires hard-hat and some climbing. To real extreme tours which you ‘abseil your way in’ expeditions.


Why travel to Perth when new Mandurah Forum has all the shops at our door step! With the new Mandurah forum open why not take the trip and go on a little shopping spree. It has shops that you used to only be able to go to in Perth its a absolute must for a shopping day out! It has shops such as Ally, Addidas, Bonds, H and M, JB-HIFI, Jim Kids, Michael Hill, Noni B, Novo, Pandora, Sports Girl, Sussans, The Blue Buddha, Typo, Mecca and MANY more its sure to suit everyones needs. When you get a bit over shopping and start to get hungry there is a food mall with a large range of different food shops available!


Ride the train 1.7km out to sea or walk the option is yours and experience the Busselton underwater observatory for yourself! Guides will lead you through the observatory and are able to help answer any questions in regards to fish or coral and even the jetty itself. The observatory will take you 8m bellow the sea level to view more than more 300 different fish and other marine life in their natural habitat. Tours take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. Tours leave on the hour from the interpretative centre at the base of the jetty. Book your tour today online or by calling the Busselton Jetty to save you a spot! If planning on going during summer why not take your bather and enjoy the amazing Busselton beaches. The kids can jump off the jetty and soak up the sun. This is something you don’t want to miss and the kids will most certainly enjoy!


With an area of 40×40 metres, 5 towers, 5 stairs, 1.6km of winding passageways, it is definitely one to impress the whole family! With the option to go in summer and use water pistols when completing the maze you will always be kept cool and who wouldn’t love attacking someone with a water pistol. In winter you can complete the maze with protection from elements in the towers and under bridges.  The also have ponchos available and once completed you can go into the cozy puzzle cafe and enjoy a hot drink and some cake! While the kids are in he maze or trying to figure out a tricky puzzle you can enjoy the puzzle cafe which has a range of foods and drinks to keep you satisfied. If thats not enough and you fancy a challenge there is  puzzle shop. Where you can purchase range of puzzles. Wooden, board games, educational, single player games, card games, metal and string puzzles and MANY MANY MORE options available.


Its probably not the best place to go in the winter weather but during summer its an absolute hit! Wyadup rocks is rocks that have mounted in a unique waterfall like formation. The water from the ocean crashes over the top of the rocks to create a natural spa pool/waterfall formation. Its not exactly the easiest place to find but most spectacular things aren’t. If will involve multiple dirt racks and then lots of rock climbing but in summer their should be plenty of people to follow down! Wyadup rocks is probably not the best if you have children but if your up for an adventure than its most definitely for you!


Located between Denmark and Walpole in the heart of Walpole wilderness is the Valley of the Giants treetop walk. The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk features a stunning walkway positioned 40 metres above the ground to admire the spectacular sights with 1000s of different flora and fauna. The 600m walk is assessable and suitable for children of all ages, wheelchairs and strollers. The Tree Top Walk has a Discovery Centre featuring a great range of visitor information and displays. The gift shop offers a selection of locally sourced products, artworks and souvenirs. You can also find a range of light refreshments, delicious ice creams, soft drinks and coffee.

So next time your sitting at home bored, or have some family coming to see you, why not make the most of the time and enjoy some of the fantastic things the South West has to offer right at your ver own door step!


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