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  • The Perfect Night Out At New Victoria Square

The Perfect Night Out At New Victoria Square

April 5th, 2018

The Perfect Night Out At New Victoria Square

It is such exciting times when Bunbury welcomes new and exciting businesses. The word on the street is spreading like hot gravy on fries but who is actually coming to join the new “Victoria square” and how is this going to help Bunbury? We explore the new ventures below but behold there are many more commercial spaces to be filled.

Up until now Bunbury only ever had tenpin bowling and the movies for children. Timezone Bunbury, located on Clifton Street opposite Grand Cinemas, was officially opened on Saturday, March 17 and its sure to get the whole family excited. It offers bowling, laser tag, birthday party options, and many many different types of gaming to suit any gaming abilities. You can put up shots for basketball, sit in a virtual gaming environment and go shooting for animals or even zombies, or play all the types of carnival games, like knocking down the clowns. There is even the option to race your friends in the car racing games as a group option. To make it all more competitive you play for points which build up on your card which you scan before playing and you can then use these points at the end for all kinds of different prizes, you may also wish to save your points for a prize of a higher amount and use the points next time. Timezone is sure to bring out the competitive inner child out so what are you waiting for go down and check it out!

I could think of nothing better than finishing up at timezone after hours of fun to then be able to go enjoy and get messy. Munching away at some ribs from popular loan star rib house which is set to open up right next to timezone very soon. With the development of Victoria square looking nearly complete Loan star is sure to be busy upon opening, with everyone wanting to see what all the fuss is about from this new American style restaurant. Loan star offers beef, lamb and pork ribs with multiple saucing options available, cheesy fries, onion rings, wings, nachos, chilli dogs, burgers and even desserts. I don’t know about you but my mouths watering just thinking about it.

Definitely keep an eye out on Victoria Square, with lots of availabilities for more spaces to be filled who knows what might be making an appearance next!

All I can say is that Bunbury new Victoria Square is going to bring a buzzing atmosphere to the quieter end of Victoria street.

Bellow is timezones official website which has lots of information to have a look (click here)!


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