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  • Tips To A Perfect Stress Free Family Christmas!

Tips To A Perfect Stress Free Family Christmas!

November 30th, 2018

Tips To A Perfect Stress Free Family Christmas!

Tips To A Perfect Stress Free Family Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year where we all eat and drink too much, Christmas trees twinkle with lights, Christmas carols play and gifts are given. But sometimes Christmas doesn’t run as smoothly as anticipated. Follow these tips and tricks to have Christmas day running a breeze.


 Its definitely a good idea to be organised during this busy time of year. Start by organising a list of things you need to do before the big day, such as shopping, cooking, travel plans, decorations and so on. Decide on the items that take precedence and get a jump start on them. Its not to late to start being organised as it will ensure everything runs as planned on the big day.

Ask For Help

In fact, guests would usually prefer to take on some small tasks, instead of standing around while you attempt to do everything yourself. It can also save you from having to try and manage everything on your own.

Shop Online

At Christmas time everyone is well aware of the mayhem that takes place at shopping centres. Skip the hassle and the large crowds, and do some of your Christmas shopping online. Online bargains and discount codes almost always correlate to the in-store sales. It also makes it easier to track and know what you have brought, when its arriving and how much you have spent. Not only that you will not be side tracked by unnecessary purchases and you won’t have to drag the kids through either!

Wrap Presents As You Go

Don’t leave the wrapping for the night before Santa visits. As soon as gifts arrive, wrap, label and place them under the tree or away. This way you’re able to avoid mixing presents up and it also saves you the trouble of dealing with cheeky kids in search of their presents. It also means that if the family is coming to your house for Christmas lunch/dinner you have plenty of time to prepare and wont have to worry about wrapping presents.

Tire Out The Dog

Take your dog outside for some playtime before your gathering. A tired pooch is a lot less likely to jump up on guests or bark incessantly every time the doorbell rings. If this still wont work and your dog will still be excited try keeping him occupied with a toy that dispenses treats or even a bone to munch on.


You don’t have to break the bank when buying Christmas decorations to decorate the tree or even the house at Christmas time. Sometimes you can even make simple decorations with the kids and it will have the same effect, for example paper chains, lanterns, reefs and even tree decorations! Decorations really can spice up the home if you have friends or family coming over so get decorating!

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Basically the key to a smooth running Christmas is organisation! Be sure to plan ahead and do as much as you can prior to the busy day.

And from the Umbrella Realty Team, have a great Christmas!


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