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  • Simple Ways to Save Extra Cash

Simple Ways to Save Extra Cash

July 1st, 2019

Simple Ways to Save Extra Cash   

Saving money can be tough; especially when there’s always bills that need to be paid.
Here are some things you can do to save a little bit of extra cash on your bills, not only to help with your short-term goals, like a weekend trip, but also long-term goals, like saving up for a home deposit. By reducing your energy consumption and adopting a few efficient practices in your home, you can keep your money exactly where you want it: your wallet.

Always wash full loads

When it comes to your laundry, consider waiting to wash your clothes until you have a full load. Instead of washing a handful of clothing a few times a week when you need it, one full load will cost you a lot less in the long run. More loads equates to a higher energy usage and more money out of your pocket.

Another way to reduce energy usage is to always do a cold wash when possible. An almost staggering 90% of your washing machines’ energy consumption is used simply heating the water for a hot load.

If you have the time and room, air drying your clothes is another money friendly way to reduce your costs, as you won’t need to use the dryer. A small collapsible drying rack can be purchased cheaply from most home goods stores like Bunnings or Kmart.

Unplug your electronics when not in use

Appliances can be sneaky. Even when they’re not turned on and in use, they still continue to draw a small amount of energy just by remaining connected to the outlet, usually called standby power or phantom energy, which adds up over time. To combat this, consider unplugging appliances and electronics that aren’t in use or you don’t use on a regular basis such as blenders, kettles or a video game console rarely used.

If unplugging all of your appliances and electronics sounds like a tedious task, you could always invest in a power strip that controls multiple appliances and electronics at the same time, making it much easier to cut costs by unplugging.

Invest in some energy-efficient lighting  

A super simple way to save extra money is to swap out your old light bulbs for newer, energy efficient bulbs. These bulbs can individually help you save money on your utility bills as they use a lot less energy than regular bulbs. The energy used by most homes just for lighting can be reduced by 50% or more, by just simply making smarter lighting choices. In most homes, the majority of traditional and inefficient incandescent bulbs have been phased out for more efficient lighting such as LED’s and CFL’s.

Save on dishwashing

As most houses nowadays have dishwashers, it’s important to know how to efficiently run it to reduce energy use. When using the dishwasher, like the washing machine, always try to ensure you’re washing full loads. If you wanted to take it a step further, turning off the manual “heat dry” function in favour of letting your dishes air dry, is another positive change.

Items such as large pots, pans and dishes can take up a lot of room in the dishwasher, increasing the amount of loads needed. You’ll use the dishwasher considerably less if you hand wash and dry these items yourself. Even if you can’t make this a consistent practice at the start, even hand washing once a week more than usual is a step in the right direction and will save you a bit of extra cash!

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