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  • Create the PERFECT study space before school goes back!

Create the PERFECT study space before school goes back!

February 1st, 2019

Create the PERFECT study space before school goes back!

As the countdown to the start of the new school year begins, shoes are being polished, new uniforms are being bought and new equipment wrapped and name tagged. While having all the right equipment for school is important, so is having a suitable study area in your home for your children.

Study spaces for your children are vital for when they are going through their years of school! A functional space with plenty of storage, light, power and minimal distractions has become a key thing for young adolescence who need to study and do homework as they go through high school.

If you are realising that your running short on time as school goes back next week make it a task this weekend with your kids. It can be really fun decorating any space and especially if they know its their own study space.



Its is important to ensure you have adequate power in the room this will allow you to introduce a computer or laptop when your child gets older also adding some other decor to the room can make the study space feel more grown up for the teenage years.


Lots of storage to allow for kids to be organised and tidy is an essential element when creating the study space. This can be done by purchasing a desk suitable for storage and organisation or by installing some shelfs close by for your child to keep all the necessary books and equipment in an organised way.


You should also try and eliminate distractions from the study space. When your or teenager is studying its important that their full attention is dedicated to the study. Things like video games, mobile phones, other people, and even messy foods and drinks are all huge distractions for your children when they are studying. A clutter-free space will also help young minds focus on the task at hand.


When setting up a study space light is extremely important, you may be able to work with the natural light in the room from a window or if not having a study light of some sort. If your child is reading from a text book or your finding you are having to squint at the book, then you probably need more light.

Consider these important tricks and your kids will be wanting to study in their own space instead of having to nag them to do it! If your lacking inspiration on desk set ups and how to make the space perfect their is so many ideas on google… just start having a look!

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