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  • Pets in a rental! – Commonly Asked Pet Questions

Pets in a rental! – Commonly Asked Pet Questions

November 2nd, 2018

Pets in a rental! – Commonly Asked Pet Questions

Pets in a rental! – Commonly Asked Pet Questions

“A mans best friend” Is a common term used to describe the relationship with a dog and a human some people even have this relationship with cats and other types of pets. Pets can sometimes be a huge deal in real estate though as it can be the decider if you are accepted or not for a rental property. The usual reasons owners are against pets are because of things like damage to property, infestations like fleas and ticks, and behavioural disturbances like incessant howling. But with most owners once the they have had a tenant with a bad pet there is no going back.

Is it a good idea to not disclose on my application?

You might find the perfect home and then be told that the owner doesn’t consider pets. You might even consider moving in without disclosing. If you know you have a pet its better to applying for houses where pets are considered and this is usually plainly stated in the properties listing. Not disclosing your pet on the application if the owner doesn’t consider pets will constitutes a breach of contract and can result in eviction.

Can you ask the owner you reconsider?

While searching for a pet friendly house is the easiest way to go, some owners are fairly lenient and are willing to negotiate. Some owners may consider to let a small dog, or even and older dog or a cat in the house as they will obviously cause less problems then for example a puppy. Its best to make sure you address the owners concerns about pets with empathy and explain on the application how you plan to prevent common pet-related issues.

Should I provide pet references?

When applying for a rental that considers pets or to try for the owner to consider your pet, its a good idea to provide pet references. This means having one or two people who are able to say that your pet is well behaved and doesn’t cause any issues or disturbance. Usually a past property manager who can vouch for your pet not causing any issues is the best as it gives the owner reassurance that the pet wont cause issues.

Am I required to pay more?

If you are accepted for a house with a pet you are required to pay a $260.00 pet bond. A pet bond is an add onto the additional bond to cover the cost of the flea treatment. If the flea treatment is done by the tenant before you move out you will receive the $260.00 back. However if your pet causes other damages to the property this gets taken off the main bond.

What if I want to get a pet after I have moved in?

If you have moved into a rental and wish to get a pet it probably a good idea to check with the agency first if the Management Agreement considered pets. The you MUST put it in writing and send it to the property manager, you need to say what type of pet you are thinking of getting and how old it will be. If the owner accepts you are still required to pay the $260 pet bond.

What is a pet annexure form?

Once you get accepted for the house and you come into sign the lease you will be required to fill out a pet annexure form.  You are required to sign this which basically means you agree to all the conditions related to having a pet at the property. Its important you read and understand this because if any issues occur and you have signed it you will be breached.


Basically the key is to look for rentals specifically advertised as pet-friendly if you have a pet and  show up prepared to demonstrate that both you and your pet are suited. For rentals that aren’t advertised as pet friendly, be prepared to negotiate with with the property manager who will then pass on to the owner.

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